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Friday, April 10, 2015

Linux Command That Can Be Used To View System Info

1. arch
This command will show you the architecture of your system.
2. uname -m
This is another command to view the architecture of the system.
3. uname -r
This command is used to check the kernel version that is being used in the system.
4. dmidecode -q
This command give you the hardware components in your system.
5. hdparm-i /dev/hda
This is the command that shows the characteristics of your hard disk.
6. hdparm-tT /dev/sda
This command is used in order to conduct tests readings on hard drives.
7. cat /proc/cpuinfo
These commands can help you in getting CPU information.
8. cat / proc / interrupts
These commands are used to interrupt a process.
9. cat /proc/meminfo
This command verifies the memory usage in your system.
10. cat /proc/swaps
These commands are used in order to swap files.
11. cat /proc/version
These three commands can display the kernel version for your system.
12. cat /proc/net/dev
These four commands are used to view the network adapters and display statistics of the system.
13. cat /proc/mounts
This command shows you the mounted file system.
14. lspci-tv
If you need to view the PCI display devices then this is the command to use.
15. lsusb-tv
This is the command for displaying USB devices.