Difference between Telnet and SSH

SSH i.e. Secure Shell and Telnet are the network protocols that serves the same purpose that is to provide remote access to the system in order to establish some sort of communication between the systems for ex. Communication between the Server and the Client.

However,the main difference between these protocols is the security of the data being transferred between the systems.

Following are the points that differentiates SSH and Telnet.

SSH :-

* SSH encrypts the data/packets being transferred between the systems so it cannot be Decoded by the Hackers. For ex. the user-name,password etc.
* In Public network mostly SSH is used for remote connection due to it's security mechanism.
* SSH uses authentication which ensures that the source of the data is still the same system and not another. Without the authentication,any other person can intercept and perform some undesired tasks.
* SSH uses public and private keys, to identify hosts and users (authentication).
* By default SSH runs on port 22.

Telnet :-

* The data transferred between the systems is in Plain text (ASCII form) and not in encrypted format which is the major security concern. So the data can be easily read by anybody in the network and can hack the system.
* Telnet is mostly used in Private network as it's highly insecure to use in Public network.
* Telnet does not use Authentication which is again a security issue.
* Telnet runs on port 23.

Hence due to it's security mechanisms, SSH is replacing Telnet.

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