Thursday, June 19, 2014

Basic linux commands interview questions

Basic linux commands interview questions

Depends on the environment you work. Some examples are

mkdir — For creating folders( use -p option to create multiple folders at a time)

ls –List folders/files( check what ls -1 do)


top — To monitor system activities


lsof –To check whats happening on the server and which process open which file.


netstat -tcp –Gives you complete picture about network connection details.


vnstat –Gives you Network band width statics


sh –For running shell scripts


history –For monitoring the commands executed by users


cd –For changing directories


vi --For editing configuration files.


chmod –To change permissions of folders and files.


mount –For mounting formated partitions.


service –For start/restart/stop a service.


chkconfig –For permanent on/off a service.


fdisk -l –To list all the partitions


free -m - Displays free space






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