Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How to mount NFS file systems on Rhel6 ?

mount -t nfs <IP Address>:/<Share Directory>    /mnt/

What all this means:

-t : Is used to tell the system that this is just an ordinary mount command. You use this when you do not have the drive information located in /etc/fstab
nfs : Tells the type of share you are trying to mount.
<IP Address>:/ : IP address of the drive you are trying to mount.
<share directory> : The Share within the Volume of the hard drive that you want to mount.
/mnt  : The location to which you want your share to be mounted.

Temporary Mount


mount -t nfs     /mnt/data

permanent Mount 

Open /etc/fstab

vim /etc/fstab
Ipaddress:/sharename   mount_point filesystem type defaults 0 0

example:     /mnt      nfs  defaults 0 0

save and exit

mount -a

Troubleshooting NFS

showmount -e <IPaddress>
showmount  -e
The -e stands for "exports" or a list of shares exported by NFS.

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