Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Difference between rhel 5 vs rhel 6


If by any chance you are appearing for an interview for a position if Linux Administrator then the most common question which is asked is what is the difference between RHEL5 and RHEL6 ?

Virtualization: In RHEL 6 KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) was used as a hypervisor but in the earlier releases of RHEL XEN was used as a hypervisor. The main advantage of KVM is that it supports the installation of many virtual machines/operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris and also it is very easy to manage those virtual machines.

Security: RHEL6 has an enhanced version of SELinux(Security Enhanced Linux) now, Basically now the features are more improved and there are various new set of rules which are added to SELinux one of such rule/feature is of SVirt which provides security to virtual machines from hackers.

EXT4: It stands for Extended 4, It has various new advantages then EXT2/3 which were used in earlier version(s) of RHEL. EXT4 is comparatively more faster and easy to manage then previous file systems.

IPv6: RHEL6 supports IPv6.

NFS4: It uses NFSv4 (Network File Transfer) the latest version of NFS for the sharing of files in the network rather than NFSv3.

GUI: It has a far better GUI(Graphical User Interface) then RHE5 or any of its prior version(s).

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