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How to Install ranger in Ubuntu 18.04?

How to Install ranger in Ubuntu 18.04?

ranger - visual file manager

Ranger is a free and open-source command-line file manager for Linux. It comes with a minimalistic text-based user interface and VI key bindings support. The main design goal of this file manager is switch directories and browse files in a quick and easy way. Some of the main features are preview the selected file or directory and automatically determining file types and running them with correct programs. It supports VIM like hotkeys, UTF-8, multi-column display, mouse support, builds in Tabs, and bookmarks support.

Features of Ranger

  • Multi-column display

  • Common file operations (create/chmod/copy/delete)

  • Preview of the selected file/directory

  • VIM-like console and hotkeys

  • A quick way to switch directories and browse the file system

  • Tabs, Bookmarks, Mouse support

  • Video thumbnails previews

Install Ranger File Manager on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install ranger -y

Type command 


To change directories, you can use the arrow keys: Press Right to go into the currently selected directory, or Left to go into the parent directory. Similarly to select items in the middle panel, use the Up and Down arrow keys. There are number of commands you can use to perform different operations on the files but here are some of the most common commands.

For navigation

  • <Ctrl>-f = Page down

  • <Ctrl>-b = Page up

  • gg = Go to the top of the list

  • G = Go to the bottom of the list

  • H = Go back through navigation history

  • h = Move to parent directory

  • J = Page down 1/2 page

  • J = Move down

  • K = Page up 1/2 page

  • k = Move up

  • L = Go forward through navigation history

  • Q = Quit

Working with files

  • i … Display the file

  • E|I … Edit the file

  • r … Open file with the chosen program

  • cw … Rename file

  • / … Search for files (n|p jump to next/previous match)

  • dd .. Mark file for cut

  • ud … Uncut

  • p … Paste file

  • yy .. Copy/yank file

  • zh … Show hidden files

  • <space> = Select current file

  • :delete = Delete selected file

  • :mkdir … Create a directory

  •  :touch … Create a file

  •  :rename … Rename file

For More options use

man  ranger


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