Friday, December 12, 2014

New feature in Redhat Enterprise Linux 7

1. New Installer
RHEL7 has and redesigned Anaconda version. Which have many improvements in system installation.
2. New Boot Loader
A new book loader GRUB2 has been introduced in RHEL 7. It supports more filesystems and block devices. /boot/grub2/grub.cfg this is the grub cofiguration file path.
3. New Init System
As we know RHEL 6 and older releases used SysV init system. But RHEL 7 has been released with new init system systemd which is compatible with SysV.
4. Chrony – A new Package Introduced
Chrony is introduced as new NTP client provided in the chrony package. Chrony does not provides all features available in old ntp client (ntp). So ntp is still provided due to compatibility.
 5. Changes in File System Layout
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 introduces two major changes to the layout of the file system.
The /bin/sbin/lib and /lib64 directories are now under the /usr directory.
The /tmp directory can now be used as a temporary file storage system (tmpfs)
6. Released with Apache 2.4
RHEL 7 is coming with apache 2.4, which has significant changes with number of new features.
7. Introducing HAProxy
HAProxy has been introduced in RHEL 7. It is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy that is well-suited to high availability environments.
8. ncat (Network Configuration utility) introduced
A new networking utility ncat has been introduced in RHEL 7 which replaces netcat. ncat is a reliable back-end tool that provides network connectivity to other applications.It uses both TCP and UDP for communication.
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