Friday, December 12, 2014

Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 Installation Step by Step

1. Download RHEL 7 ISO image From this link “Download RHEL 7 Binary Dvd iso file”. 

2. After downloading the iso image
 burn it to a DVD media or create a USB bootable media using Unetbootin LiveUSB Creator.

3.After that place the DVD/USB in your appropriate system drive, start your computer.

4.Boot the system from the bootable disk and select ‘
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0′

Select the language that will be used during installation and click ON Continue

Set Customize installation options:
  • First click on Date & Time, choose your system location from the provided map and hit on Done to apply configuration.

  • if you want to change or add other languages to your system click on LANGUAGE SUPPORT and hit on Done to apply configuration.
  • If you want to use other sources than the ones provided by the DVD media hit on Installation Source and add your Additional Repositories or specify a network location using HTTPHTTPS,FTP or NFS protocols then hit on Done to use your new sources. If you can’t provide other sources stick to default one Auto-detected installation media.

  • The next important step is to select your system software. Click on Software Selection and choose your Base Installation Environment from the down-list.
  • Under the Installation Destination I have created customize partition table by clicking on the Installation Destination.

  • The last step before continuing with installation process is setting your Network Connection. Click on Network & Hostname and setup your system hostname. Here you can use your short system hostname or you can append the dot domain (FQDN).
7. Now click On Being Installation .

8.Set the root password & Create a system user.

9.Once the installation is completed it will ask for reboot. click on reboot.

10. Console after OS Installation.

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